Kind Words

Don’t just take our words for it! Read up on some of our customer’s testimonials on their experience.

“I am so grateful to meet and work with Cheryl Sameit.  She is an incredible woman who I have been fortunate to meet in person and share quality time with.  She supported me with my facebook ads which can be a very daunting task.  Her mind works in beautiful ways by keeping track of the numbers and managing the account with it’s many moving parts.

I truly appreciate her keen sense of intuition where she advised me in my ad copy to truly speak my voice and attract the right market to me.

As we began the advertising process, I felt nervous.  She calmed me by helping me understand each aspect by taking me step by step through the ad creation so that I knew how it worked.  It became an easy and fun process.  In my first launch, we attracted hundreds of women through my ads which created $10,000 in income for me.

I feel lucky to have her on my team as I share my message and create my business with the world.  She is a great woman to have on your side.

Thank you Cheryl for your support and believing in me!”


Candice Box

Candice Box

Divinely Guided Candice

 “After my session with Cheryl today I am much clearer on who and where I should be targeting for my Facebook ads and I now have a clear action plan going forward. I am looking forward to seeing my results over the next few months. Thanks Cheryl, tremendous value!”

John Newman

The Stepping Stones of Wealth

“I was feeling that I was not benefitting from my investment in a contract for social media marketing help, but didn’t know how to interpret the data available, nor assess my situation fairly given that it had only been a few months. I was unsure of whether to continue.

Cheryl Sameit quickly offered to help, no strings.  We had a great conversation within a few hours in which she listened attentively, asked key questions and addressed my concerns. She was patient and objective. She reviewed my situation and the available data, gave me insight my current company did not, and made some valuable professional observations.  She suggested a strategic action plan including another review by her once I implemented the plan.

Her professional insights and presence helped me to make the decision that felt right to me. It also helped me find the confidence and creativity I needed to follow through, as well as the needed support. No strings.

This is one of my perfect examples of people pulling together to “just get it done” and helping each other with what we have to offer.  Everyone benefits in the end. Thank you, Cheryl Sameit!”

Kelly Myszkowski

Inner Light Transformational Coaching & Craniosacral Therapy