This Is My Story…

My business centers around processes and systems working for my clients so they can STOP feeling trapped working their business and ENJOY time with their families.

I experienced first hand stealing time from my husband and kids in what I thought was “for the good of my business”…really I was taking time from my family and my life in the name of making money, and I truly was not charging my worth so I HAD to work more time and take on more clients to make it work.

Not a winning situation.

I received many signs I needed to make a change, and a huge message in February 2016. I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. I took time off from everything to heal. In this time I realized I was always “striving” for something…pushing myself into overachieving…when what I truly want in my heart is to “love myself, relax, and just be myself”.

I’m a mom who loves working from home, running our household, and loving my family. I love helping other moms make their businesses run more smoothly so they have time to do the things they love and be with the people they love.

Think about it…we spend 5-10 minutes of time to load a dishwasher, and that humble kitchen appliance gives us an HOUR (or more) of our time to go do something else. Online marketing systems and processes help leverage our time in the same way!  Build a marketing funnel ONCE and it will attract and enroll customers and clients for a long time!

My engineering and technical systems experience plus my passion for the psychology of marketing (i.e., what COMPELS people to take action) enables me to help my clients set up marketing systems that work for their business, find their target audience, and SPEAK to their target audience in a way that compels them to take action. I get excited about how it can help others. And I love showing others how it can work for them in their businesses. 🙂