Our Story:

Start From Now Marketing & Consulting is a digital media agency focused on Attracting and Keeping Customers in your Sales Process.  We get processes and systems working for our clients so they can START increasing their clients and revenue, STOP feeling trapped working their business and ENJOY time with their friends and families.

Think about it…we spend 5-10 minutes of time to load a dishwasher, and that humble kitchen appliance gives us an HOUR (or more) of our time to go do something else. Online marketing systems and processes help leverage our time in the same way! Build a marketing lead generation process ONCE and it will attract and enroll customers and clients for a long time!

About Cheryl, Founder of Start From Now Marketing & Consulting: 

When I first got into digital marketing, I had little experience other than a desire to empower people with practical “how-to” information, technical/professional writing skills, and HTML basics. What I knew I could do was look at a client’s website and lead flow and immediately pinpoint why their lead generation was failing… 

You MUST identify your ideal client and potential customers MUST be told what to do next!  If they get confused, they shut down the window and go play Candy Crush!  With 18+ years Engineering and Process Improvement experience, I know how to make things work BETTER.  If what you are doing isn’t working, DO something DIFFERENT.

My technical systems experience plus my passion for the psychology of marketing (i.e., what COMPELS people to take action) enables me to help my clients set up marketing systems that WORK for their business, FIND their target audience, and SPEAK to their target audience in a way that compels them to take action. I get EXCITED about how it can help others. And I LOVE showing others how it can work for them in their businesses. 🙂